Lodges let you swap deadlines for roe deer, the northern line for Scottish lochs, as whichever part of Britain you head to, serenity is guaranteed.

Featured Staycation Lodges

Glamping Hwyl



From £50 pppn | Sleeps 2

Lodge in Lincolnshire

Osprey Lodge


From £100 pppn | Sleeps 8

Someplace Else


From £125 pppn | Sleeps 2

Lodge that sleeps 8 in Wales

Lodge 20

North Wales

From £65 pppn | Sleeps 8

Tolcarne Lodge



From £50 pppn | Sleeps 8

The Lily Pad


From £110 pppn | Sleeps 2

Moss Bank


From £100 pppn | Sleeps 2

Meadow View Lodge

Meadow View


From £200 pppn | Sleeps 2

The Warren Lodge

The Warren


From £150 pppn | Sleeps 6

Moss Bank


From £100 pppn | Sleeps 2

Bicton Lodge


From £175 pppn | Sleeps 4

The Lily Pad


From £100 pppn | Sleeps 6

Holiday Lodges are luxury done off the grid


Taking a step closer to nature doesn’t need to mean leaving luxury behind. Holiday lodges are the perfect blend of simplicity and splendour. They combine the soothing feeling of peace and comfort that comes with moving away from the city, with all the creature comforts of an indulgent holiday break. 

Picture lying in a private hot tub, with the freshness of a forest breeze all around. Or, curling up in front of a crackling log fire, while acres of emerald hills spill out from your front door. Luxury lodge holidays let you visit the great outdoors while making the indoors just as grand.

Best of all, with holiday lodges, you take the comfortable feeling of being at home with you, wherever you go. Unlike hotel rooms, lodges give you a place that really feels like your own, giving your break an extra bit of flexibility and freedom.


For luxury lodge accommodation, the UK’s the perfect place


Everywhere in the world is best at something, and when it comes to cabin holidays, nowhere does it better than Britain. The magic of the countryside pairs perfectly with luxury lodge accommodation. What’s more, here at Staycations, we know precisely what every region offers. Meaning we can help you pick the perfect lodge to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for views that make your jaw drop, head to the Lake District; a site so stunning, it’s got the certificate to prove it. This award-winning national park has been named alongside Machu Picchu and the Great Barrier Reef as a ‘site of outstanding international importance’. Here, you’ll find lodges nestled amongst waterways or on the foot of majestic fells. Trust us when we say that nothing makes stress melt away like a secluded lodge in the place William Wordsworth called ‘the loveliest spot man hath found.’

For those craving a slice of quaint village life, set course for Sussex. Nestled amongst rolling hills and fields of wildflowers, the cosy villages of the South East are what the rest of the world expects England to be. Have high tea in manor houses, ride horses down river banks and retire to a cosy country lodge, with a fair few touches of luxury.

For those with a four-legged friend, head to Cornwall for a pet-friendly lodge near a dog-friendly beach. If you’re travelling with a lover, say yes to a one-bedroom lodge in the Isle of Skye, in Scotland. Or, for family-friendly fun, make for Devon, and the prehistoric treasure hunt that is the Jurassic Coast.


Everyone needs a luxury lodge getaway


Lodge holidays in the UK offer something very special – a step away from stress. They’re a chance to breathe crisp, refreshing air and hear birdsong on the breeze. Lodges let you swap deadlines for roe deer, the northern line for Scottish lochs, as whichever part of Britain you head to, serenity is guaranteed.

Best of all, however, whether it’s for a family vacation, a lover’s retreat or some much-needed me-time, there’s no limit on the luxury your lodge can provide. From indoor swimming pools and picturesque fishing ponds to lakeside lodges with hot tubs, the cloudless countryside sky’s the limit. While others may see it as fussy, at Staycations, we admire ambition. So however wild your holiday dreams may be, just ask. We’re here to help them come true.

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